Blue lace panties 2

10 Mar


She ended up wearing these sexy panties for a full day and a half…. working around the house and riding her exercise bike. They became very well scented.


Hamper Treasure

3 Mar


I found these lovely grey cotton panties in the hamper this evening. They are well soiled by my wife and they smell and taste delightful.


Sexy blue lace panties

3 Mar


My dear thick wifey is wearing the sexiest blue lace panties tonight. I can’t wait until she takes them off and places them in the hamper. They are going to smell and taste great!

I Luv Rachael Ray

21 Oct

I can’t think of a sexier woman on TV today that Rachael Ray. Best known for her show ’30 Minute Meals’ and her sexy fat ass and perky little tits…  Just rub some EVOO on her fat booty and little boobs and you’ve got a 30 Minute meal that is delish!

Rachel Ray Butt

Not sure what is going on with her little tits here but I like it 🙂

Rachael is thick and chunky but has such perky little tits…

Perhaps one of Rachael’s more interesting product endorsements:

Fresh Pair

26 Jul

My wife left a fresh pair on top of the hamper this evening. She just took them off before jumping in the shower so they are still damp. They smell wonderful.

Wifes Fat Booty

26 Jul

I just wanted to post a pic of my wifes fat booty in a pair of panties. She fills them out nicely, don’t you think?

Stiffler’s Mom is Hot

26 Jul

Am I the only one in the world who thinks Stiffler’s Mom from the movie American Pie (aka Jennifer Coolidge) is a super hottie? Not only do I think she is the worlds hottest MILF but she is getting hotter with age! I saw her recently in a movie called Soul Men where she plays a sex crazed woman who does a sex scene with the late Bernie Mac. I think it’s a steamy scene 🙂

Please tell me there are other fans of Jennifer out there!

Sniffing my BBW Wifes Panties

16 Jul

Hello and welcome to a blog about my wifes panties. I have a huge fetish for sniffing my wifes dirty panties and sharing them with others. In the coming days I’ll be setting up a page with more info on how you can purchase a pair or two of her panties or other items.

A little info about my wife…. She is 35, 5’6″ tall, thick bbw (around 250 lbs), shoulder length red hair, with great tits and a fantastic ass. She wears a size 7-8 panty and 38DD bra. I’ll work on posting a few pics of her soon.

She wears mostly nylon bikini cut or full cut panties and in my opinion they are absolutley delicious after she has worn them for a day 🙂

Here is a pair that she just changed out of before going out for the evening. They smell incredible!

Hello world!

16 Jul

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!